The Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar
Karl Poellath
Most Holy and Divine Sacrament
Spiritual Sweetness from its Own Fountain Taste.
As the deer longs for the living water, so my heart longs for you, My God.
Psalm 41:2
K.Van de Vyvere, Brugge

It is God who is hidden 
deep within a vase of gold.
Under the spotless manna
is the treasure divine.

Blessed be the Most Holy Sacrament
Charity and Purity are the most beautiful ornaments of the heart.
“Behold the Love of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament”  
large 18th Century holy card signed the Antwerp engraver Pierre Balthasar Bouttats (1681-1756).  Front, in Dutch 

Behold the Bread of Angels
Oh come! Come Lord, for I perish.
See my bonds... my wounds...
Oh stay, Lord, sustain me for I am languishing ...
Lord, my soul is consumed with thirst.